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A message from Rabbi Robert B. Slosberg
Former Chairman of the Masorti National Rabbinic Cabinet
The Masorti movement is a traditional, egalitarian religious movement in Israel, affiliated with the worldwide Masorti/Conservative movement. I am passionate about the important work that they do in fighting for religious pluralism in Israel. Religious decisions in Israel are currently decided by the Orthodox Movement, and therefore Conservative and Reform Jews may not get married in Israel. Additionally, Jews by choice who are converted by Conservative and Reform rabbis are not recognized as Jews in the Jewish Homeland. Masorti is fighting to change this. Financial support is desperately needed to do this important work. Contributions are also needed to help struggling congregations in Israel, as well as youth programs and camp programs in Israel. I am personally touched by their important work with youth who have learning differences, enabling them to have a bar or bat mitzvah.
I hope you will join me in making a contribution to Masorti/Conservative Judaism. To make a donation, visit the Masorti website at:
Mon, June 27 2022 28 Sivan 5782