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AJ Announcements

During the period that the AJ Preschool is closed, AJ is continuing to support our exemplary staff. The Board of Trustees, acting upon our Jewish values, voted to continue compensating our staff, as well as maintaining their health insurance benefits through the end of April. Decisions regarding May will be made next month. This initiative is estimated to cost over $100,000 in April.
AJ would be very grateful for any contributions to help offset these expenses and to sustain our operation. We have set up a new fund called “AJ Covid-19 Appeal.” If you would like to contribute to this fund, please click here.
Brighten your days with Jewish Learning! Melton is offering a selection of sessions from their extensive course library ONLINE FREE OF CHARGE to learners around the world via Zoom.
Because one of AJ’s Virtual Minyan services was Zoombombed last week, AJ has put additional security measures in place to prevent this from occurring again.  The most noticeable change is that everyone who logs in to join an AJ event or service via Zoom, will be temporarily placed in a “virtual waiting room” until Rabbi Slosberg and Cantor Lipp admit people individually into the session.  In order for Rabbi and Cantor to identify you, please make sure that you are signing in under your first and last names.  If you try to join with a screen name like “iPad2” or some other name that does not permit them to know your identity, they will need to confirm your identity using the Chat function.   If you are unable to get into a session or a service, most events and services are streamed live on Facebook.  
While we are continuing to follow orders from our governor to remain at home and to follow safe social distancing, our AJ Preschool teachers remain in contact with our preschool families.  While the Preschool is closed, we are continuing to address their needs, as well as extending our learning and play.  
AJ teachers are engaging our students and parents using a number of different methods.  Teachers are providing art projects to do at home, as well as reading stories and teaching by video.  Children are invited to participate in lessons to practice their letters and numbers, and teachers are setting up online video conferencing "parties" for the children and their parents.  We are grateful for our AJ Preschool families and their continued support as we work to support them!
Wed, May 27 2020 4 Sivan 5780