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Sponsor a Tax-Deductable Kiddush Lunch at AJ

Kiddush lunches at AJ feed up to 75 people including congregational members who attend Shabbat services. The entire expected attendance during the Shabbat Service must fit in the Yarmuth Family Chapel. If you are anticipating more than 75 people or desiring modifications to the kiddush lunch package, your needs will be better met by hiring a caterer and renting the auditorium and kitchen. This will ensure that there will be ample quantities and varieties of food and beverage that a catering staff is much better equipped to handle. A basic Kiddush lunch costs $375. Several fish options are available for an additional fee.
•To sponsor a Kiddush lunch, please contact Molly Evancho in the synagogue office.
•Please click here to download a Kiddush Lunch Contract.
Mon, March 27 2023 5 Nisan 5783